Craigslist Newbie

We came into possession of some really nice shoes that we now want to sell. They are all decently expensive, mostly European leather made.. so I couldn't bear to throw them out with the rest of the junk.

eBay gets a little complicated, so I thought I'd try Craigslist for the first time ever. I took pictures and uploaded all 6 pairs of shoes onto the website yesterday morning. When my hubby and I got home last night, I found an email inquiring whether a certain pair was still available. Score! :)

Still up for sale?

I replied back that they were, indeed, still available. I also told him that we'd take either paypal or cash, and offered two different towns for pickup. I didn't know from where he was coming, after all.

Within a minute, I received this..

Thanks for the response.I am willing to pay your asking price.I will
pay by money order as its the only way i can pay you at the moment.I
will make arrangement for the pick-up after payment have been received
by you. I dont mind adding an extra twenty dollars so you can keep it
in my favor.Reply with your full name,cell phone number,and address
where payment should be sent.Please take the posting off craigslist
today and consider it sold to me. Expecting to hear from you soon

Sounds really nice. I didn't respond back right away.. and it was nagging at me all day. It just sounded too nice, and I'm smart enough to avoid the whole money order thing. So, I phrased a few drafts in reply.. and decided to google his email instead.

oh oh!! Quelle suprise! Scam. ugh. Thank God I didn't take his offer!!

proof, more proof, still moreproof...